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Welcome to NASA Quest

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Meet the people of NASA and look over their shoulders as they make NASA's goals a reality. Whether in the area of aerospace design or training for space walks, NASA Quest is a rich resource for educators, kids and space enthusiasts who are interested in meeting and learning about NASA people and the national space program. NASA Quest allows the public to share the excitement of NASA's authentic scientific and engineering pursuits like flying in the Shuttle and the International Space Station, exploring distant planets with amazing spacecraft, and building the aircraft of the future.

NASA Quest includes a full suite of online resources:

    * Profiles bio iconof NASA experts and stories about their work days.
    * Several live interactionscalendarwith NASA experts per month.
    * Audio/videowebcast icon programs over the Internet.
    * Lesson plans and student activitiesk12 icon.
    * Collaborative activities in which kids work with one forum iconanother.
    * Background information and photoppf icon sections.
    * A place where apple iconteachers can meet one another.

    * A searchable QNA area with over 3,000 previously asked question iconquestions.
    * An e-mail service in which individual questions chat iconget answered.


    Frequent live, interactive events allow participants to come and go as dictated by their own individual and classroom needs. These projects are open to anyone, without cost. To get involved, simply select your area of interest or take a look at our calendar of events, and jump in. Welcome aboard!

photo of NASA Quest team

This web site subscribes to the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) policy established at NASA Headquarters.

NASA Quest's Privacy Policy.


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