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Design, Test and Manufacture
of a Planetary Entry Vehicle Model

Tuesday, December 5, 2000 10 AM Pacific

a picture of Bill Newby at his computer
Jim Scott operating a lahe
a black and white photograph of test models for the ballistics range




This is a very special webcast. Students met engineers, computer designers, machinists and facility managers who are responsible for the design, manufacture and test of planetary entry vehicle models. See video of the lathes and the ballistics range and join in asking the experts questons. The webcast shows the test facility, the balistics range; the designers computer screen, manufacture of a model on computerized lathes and describes the test of a Mars entry probe model which will be tested in the ballistics range (or you could say fired through a gun). The sequence reveals the engineering design process.


Research and Preparation for Webcast

Research and preparation are strongly encouraged prior to participating in the webcast and chat.

The Cast

Background Reading


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