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NASA Drawings and Models of Mars Airplane Concepts


a fiberglass
 model of a supersonic plane A fiberglass model of a supersonic Mars plane
A model of a
propellor Mars plane A model of a subsonic propellor Mars plane


drawing Small hypersonic entry vehicle is shown stowed inverted with wings folded in the Ariane 5 Auxiliary Structure for Auxiliary Payload (ASAP) space bus.
drawing Large Hypersonic entry vehicle is shown along side the ASAP space bust, wings unfolded.
drawing A hypersonic entry vehicle is shown over the Martian polar ice cap prior to entry.
drawing Martian lander shown fully deployed.
drawing NASA Mars Airborne Geophysical Explorer, MAGE, vehicle shown flying above the Valles Marineris.
drawing Multi-fold wing fold Mars Flyer vehicle shown over Mars.
drawing Supersonic cruise Marsplane shown packaged inside of "Chul Loaf" entry aeroshell. The Chul Load is very different from the saucer shaped entry aeroshells used so far. Its shape accommodates the airplane much better, but is unstable, requiring small rocket thrusters to maintain the correct entry orientation. The thrusters are shown as little green cones, some of which are firing (notice the yellow-orange plumes).

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