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Planetary Flight Book Jacket Contest


Mrs. Channell's 6th Grade Class, Berry Middle School, Lebanon, Ohio

Prize Title, Author
  To the Heavens and Back, Nick Sexton
HM: best problem solving Trouble on Pluto, Eric Hurt
  Whoops! I went through the wrong door!, Nathan Ridgley
HM:great illustration Houston, We have a Problem, Kaileigh Peyton
  What is N.I.E.?, Stephanie Dotson
  Exploring for Pluto, Brittnay Mustard
5th Planet X, Rachel Frisby
HM: most frightening Attack of the Chords, Adam Cope
  The World May Never Know, Steven Watts
6th Houston We Have A Problem, Ian S. McKinney
  Blasting off to Outer Space, Jessie Bogie
  Mission to Mars, Chris Hanna
HM: most unusual planet My Trip to Extreme Ellipso, Andrea Crusham
  Planetary Pluto, Eric Davis
4th Star Bite Galaxy. Samantha R. Silfren
  The Flight to the Moon, Tyler Smith
  The Discovery of this New Planet, Daniel Robinson
  Mission Colossus, Josh Spyker
  To Jupiter: the First Flight, Sarah McCauley
  Left on a Planet, Jessica Wuennemann
HM: best planet name The Other World: Planet Zuciaonto, Courtney Fields
  Mission to Mars, Tyler Catchpole
  Life on Saturn, Samantha Coomer
  Venus Takes Over, Michelle Pick
HM: covers communication requirements Earth to Mars, Teresa Halsey
  Out of this World, Katie Crieger
  Mercury Mishap, Thomas Adams
  Mission to Saturn, David Bens
  Voyage to Venus, Kaitly Spahr
  My Trip to the Moon, Katrina Fredrick
1st The Race to Space, Casey Crisenbery
  Planetary Flight Gone Wrong, Tommy Krueger
HM: best presidential quote The Expedition of a Lifetime, Caitlin St. Louis
  The Adventure to Mercury, Heather Malott
  Lost In Space, Kayla Napier
  Is there Life on Mars? No one knows 'till Now, Amanda Brophy
HM: most specific design considerations Can They Make it? Alyssa Angel
HM: deals with health requirements for space travel The Space flight to Mars, Ali Fischer
  Journey to Jupiter, Jessica Valentine
  The Space Trip to Mars, Ashley Littlejohn
  Mission to the Red Planet, Caitlin Brumfiel
  The Discovery of Planet MD, Jordan Brausch
  Stranded in Space, Rachel Peeler
  Mission to Pluto, Jacque Buzard
  Flying to Pluto, Tiffany Patton
  What's that Planet?, David Buzzard
  Around the Universe, Max Sabent
  Mars Madness, J. L. Sutherland
  The Galaxy Far Away, Jeremy Norris
HM: most affordable Mission Incredible, M. Elizabeth Harper
  The Adventures of a Planetary Flight to Saturn, Erika Kothman
  Planet to Planet, Sarah Hendrickson
  The Mission to Pluto, Jessie Hannigan
  Fieldtrip to Venus!. Joey Behymer
  Brett and Kylie's Adventure through Space!, Megan Krause
3rd The Distant Planet!, Hannah Byrd
  Space Fighters, Julia Piechoinski
HM: unusual vehicle A Shack to Uranus, Jordan Wilson
  Space Journey!, Nathan Wehner
  An Impossible Possible Mission, Brodi Conover
2nd Exploration Beyond the Moon, Taylor Moore
  Stuck in Space, Rachel Steele

Mr. Chapman's 6th Grade Class, West Genesee Middle School, Camillus, NY


Title, Author

HM:best historical novel Galileo finds the Truth, Belinda Sliker



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