Activity 3:

Don't Let It Weigh You Down


  1. Congratulations! You have just bought a brand new balloon! Your new balloon weighs 200 pounds, the gondola weighs 300 pounds and the ropes and other equipment, 75 pounds. You'd like to take your Aunt and Uncle along for a ride. Your Aunt weighs 110 pounds and your Uncle weighs 160 pounds. You weigh 90 pounds. Your Aunt's favorite candy is chocolate truffles, so you want to bring along a 5-pound box of candy for her. The volume of your balloon is 20,000 cubic feet. Can your balloon carry all the people, equipment and candy you want to carry?

  2. You and a friend are going to give a birthday party for one of your classmates. You want to decorate with lots of balloons. You go to the store and buy a package of 100 different colored balloons. The volume of each balloon in the package is 9 cubic feet. How many pounds of helium must you buy to fill up all the balloons? If the helium comes in 3-pound canisters, how many canisters must you buy?