Planetary Flight Welcome

a picture of a propellor plane flying

Flying an airplane high above the surface of another planet to perform scientific research might sound routine. After all, thousands of airplanes take flight daily here on Earth. Why would airplane flight on, let's say, Mars be any different?

Welcome to Planetary Flight!

Here you can explore the aeronautics behind flying an airplane on Mars. Whether you are a student in grades 5 through 12 or simply a lifelong learner, you will find learning about non-atmospheric flight on Mars interesting and fun. After learning about non-atmospheric flight, apply your knowledge by designing an airplane that will be capable of flying on Mars.

Teachers! Check out the Teacher's Edition and you will find instructional materials (using the Problem-Based Learning approach) that you can use with your students in the classroom.

Students! Check out the Student Information Page videos of NASA 's Mars Plane ideas from the past.

Looking for a fun Contest to enter? We have some fun plans!

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