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E-Mail Discussion:

All participants in Live From Antarctica 2 should sign up for the updates-lfa mail-list. This service won't overwhelm your mailbox (we plan no more than two e-mail messages per week). updates-lfa will keep you informed about the latest opportunities and also bring you lively behind-the-scenes accounts (Field Journals) from the men and women exploring Antarctica. Field Journals can be used as reading exercises, discussion starters, or for information about careers.

To subscribe via e-mail, contact: List no longer available

You'll soon receive a reply showing you're subscribed, and full information about Live From Antarctica 2.

Other mail-lists currently available via e-mail:

You can also view the archive of discuss-lfa messages on-line.

Need More Information?

Call the Passport to Knowledge (PTK) Information Helpline at:


A menu of options provides information about all PTK/Live from... projects. Additional questions will be promptly answered by the PTK team.

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Last Update: 1/18/97
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