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Welcome to the
Live from Antarctica 2
Home Page!

Dear Parents, Homeschoolers, and Life-Long Learners,

Welcome to Live From Antarctica 2!

You've got your own special "passport" to a unique scientific adventure aboard the Research Vessel, the Polar Duke, which will transport "virtual" travelers to the most unique research laboratory on Earth, Palmer Station on Anvers Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula. Though Passport to Knowledge provides innovative multi-media programming targeted at middle school students, we welcome *all* who seek connections with "real science, real scientists, real time, real locations."

Whether you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or neighborhood kids in mind -- or simply consider yourself a "life-long learner" -- you'll find LFA 2's educational resources will:
  • Enable you to experience life as an Antarctic researcher (via "Field Journals and "Biographies" in "From the Field"),
  • Take you and your family to the world's most remote research laboratory on Earth at Palmer Station via three LIVE telecasts
  • Provide you with hands-on resources designed to open the mind's of young people to the wonders of Antarctic marine life and the ecological issues that impact all
Be sure to check out our "Teacher" Pages if you plan to play a role in sharing this experience with the students in your community, local school district, or home.

Or begin the most unique electronic field by navigating your way to the end of the Earth via the maps you'll find below or the navigation bar on your left. You don't need a ticket, and this Web site is your...

Passport to Knowledge and adventure!

map of palmer station and vicinity
Click on the maps below to zoom out or in on the map of antarctica!
small map of antarctica small map of antarctia small map of palmer peninsula

Please visit frequently as new material is being added weekly!

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Last Update: 1/18/97
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