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Ordering information for teacher kits

Passport to Knowledge provides PRINT support teacher materials for all electronic field trip projects for a minimal cost. Live From Antarctica 2 materials will begin shipping in early January, 1997 and be available beyond the active project period of January through March of 1997.

There are two options for ordering materials as described below. If you reside in the United States...

  • I. ORDERING OPTION ONE -- Teacher's Guide
      A 64 page Teacher's Guide providing hands-on lessons for integrating the Live From Antarctica telecasts and resources is provided for $10.00 per guide.
  • II. ORDERING OPTION TWO -- Teacher's Kit
      This option includes the Teacher's Guide, black-line masters, original color poster, set of UV filters, an oversize USGS map, a teacher orientation videotape including mini-documentaries and background on Antarctica, five copies of CTW/NSF's Antarctica brochure (color) and five copies of "Your Stay at U.S. Antarctic Program Stations" for $99.00, which also covers shipping and handling.


If you are a resident of the United States:

  • Send a check or money order made out to Passport to Knowledge or send a school Purchase Order made out to Passport to Knowledge

    SORRY, NO CREDIT CARDS are accepted!

  • Be sure to include full ordering information (# of kits/guides) and full shipping information (full name, grade, position, number of students participating, complete shipping address including zip code)

  • Orders should be mailed or faxed to the following address/number:

         Passport to Knowledge
         P.O. Box 1502
         Summit, NJ 07902-1502
         Fax orders to:   908-277-9590

If you are a resident of Canada:

  • Price for Teacher's Guide: $17.00
    Price for Teacher's Kit: $112.00

    Orders should be accompanied by a check or money order made out to: Passport to Knowledge

  • Orders are to be sent to PTK Canadian Agent, Gayle Remish at 118 Glenroy Cres., London, Ontario N5Z 4H7. You may e-mail Gayle at: womble@zap.wwdc.com for more information or if you have questions.

If you are a resident of any other international locale, send an e-mail to Pat Haddon at phaddon@aol.com or Gayle Remish at womble@zap.wwdc.com who will supply you with cost and payment logistics information.


If you are not able to access the Live From Antarctica 2 telecasts, scheduled for January 23, January 30, and February 6, 1997 at 13:00-14:00 Eastern Standard Time on NASA-TV and PBS main satellite and many local PBS stations around the country, you may order the videotapes directly from Passport to Knowledge. VHS videotapes will be available within one week after the live air date.

How To Order Live From Antarctica 2 Videotapes (US Only):

Send a check, money order, or school purchase order, made out to Passport to Knowledge at the address indicated above. Schools may fax their purchase orders to the fax number given above. No credit cards, please!

  • Indicate the exact program you would like to order.***

         January 23, 1997  Oceans, Ice and Life
         January 30, 1997  The Secrets of Survival
         February 6, 1997  Seeing the Future?
  • Price per tape is $19.95 which includes shipping and handling
  • Be sure to indicate your full name and shipping address including zip code.
**All three videotapes will be available in mid-February, 1997 on one tape for a price of $55.00 (price includes shipping and handling)

All international orders, please contact Pat Haddon at phaddon@aol.com for ordering information.

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Last Update: 1/8/97
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