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Teacher's Guide
Table of Contents

Letter of Welcome from the Project Director and Executive Producer

Video, On-line and Print: a Guide to the integrated multimedia components


USAP objectives and Live From Antarctica 2 goals

Opening Activities
Activity A.1 Putting Antarctica on the Map
Activity A.2 The "Old Antarctic Explorers"
Activity A.3 Careers in Antarctic Science and Science Support
Activity A.4 Getting There: Planning Ahead is Half the Battle!

Program 1: Ocean, Ice & Life
Activity 1.1 Life On, Under and In...the Ice
Activity 1.1.1 Modeling Krill Behavior
Activity 1.1.2 Fish with Nature's Anti-Freeze
Feature: NSF's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program
Activity 1.2 Ship Science
Activity 1.2.1 Why Ships Float
Activity 1.2.2 Pulleys, Levers and Rigging
Activity 1.3 Oil Water Don't Mix...or Do They?
Activity 1.4 The Ocean in Motion
Activity 1.4.1 Hot, Cold and Currents
Activity 1.4.2 Layers in the Water Column
Activity 1.4.3 Mixing Up the Water Column
Activity 1.5 Effects of Light and Dark on Phytoplankton
Activity 1.5.1 Phytoplankton "See the Light"
Activity 1.5.2 The Food Web Game

Program 2: The Secrets of Survival
Activity 2.1 Unobtrusive Observation
Activity 2.2 Staying Warm in Frigid Water-Heat Exchange
Activity 2.3 Penguin Adaptation
Activity 2.3.1 Blubber Glove
Activity 2.3.2 An Antarctic Adaptable
Activity 2.3.3 The Penguin Foraging Simulation Game
Activity 2.4 Comparative Marine Biology

Program 3: Seeing the Future?
Activity 3.1 An Ozone Primer:
Activity 3.1.1 Parts per Million
Activity 3.1.2 Ozone Destruction
Activity 3.2 The Effect of UV-B on Plants
Activity 3.3 From Data to Death

Closing Activities
Activity B.1 "Antarctic Expo" or Community Showcase
Activity B.2 Design the "Next" Palmer Station
Activity B.3 "Antarctica: Who Needs It?"
Getting the Most from On-line
Glossary, Vocabulary and Key Concepts
ACTS and LFA 2
MultiMedia Resources: books and videos, CD-ROMS, etc.
Science Standards and Themes Matrix

Project Staff and Special Thanks

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Last Update: 1/18/97
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