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Welcome to the
Live from Antarctica 2
Teacher Home Page!

Welcome, Educators! Whether this is your first or fifth Passport to Knowledge "electronic field trip", this is going to be a very unique and memorable experience!

This time we've customized our Web site to provide teachers with their own special pathway through the wealth of resources already here, or which will grow over the next 3 exciting months!

Here you'll find:
  • New friends and colleagues who enjoy collaborating & sharing resources and teaching strategies -- visit our discussion forum
  • an easy-to-use Teacher's Guide with hands-on, discovery Activities
  • Information about three live telecasts -- direct from the Antarctic!
  • A treasure trove of text and images -- many updated daily
  • Special online collaborative activities for students and interactions with guest researchers and scientists

Student Work and Activities On-Line! Be sure to check out the LFA2 Student Site to access our latest activities for your students and to learn how to post student work on-line.

Registration: If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to register.

Ready for a field trip you'll enjoy as much as your students? Set sail with Passport to Knowledge for Live from Antarctica 2! And come back often to see our continuous construction Web site!!!

Please visit frequently as new material is being added weekly!

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Last Update: 2/7/97
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