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 Air Transportation Problem
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NASA is asking for student help to solve an air transportation problem:

  • Crowded roads make it difficult to get to the airport.
  • At the airport, flights are often delayed. Current runways and air systems can't handle the growing number of people and goods that need to travel by air.

Students will perform research and come up with a solution to the air transportation problem. The Future Flight Design website can function as a supporting tool where students can obtain information and perform research for this challenge.Solutions must protect the environment from noise and other sources of pollution.

Get started by watching the introduction movie!
Read the text-only version of the movie script.

Good luck and thank you for your assistance in solving this problem.

(It is anticipated that this design process will not occupy your entire class schedule. This challenge has been stretched out to allow for maximum participation.)

Dates in 2005 Archived challenges are still usable, but interactions with experts is limited.
February 28 - March 15

Registration is closed for this challenge.
Classrooms are invited to be post their results here.

March 7-18 Educator Guide may be downloaded (Air Transportation Problem Guide)
Students begin research and design process with teacher help.
Helpful Links
Get to know your Experts (Growing list -- keep checking back)
Learn More About Airspace Systems
Be sure to use Research Helps
March 21 - 31 Students asked questions to the Experts. Some continuing questions may be posed at:
March 25 - 31 Preliminary designs were due.
March 28 - April 15 Experts reviewed & give feedback on designs.
April 26 Final designs due. Helpful hints for sending in your designs.
Designs are posted.
May 4
10 - 11 a.m. Pacific
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