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 Air Transportation Problem
Air Transportation Problem Challenge

Learn More About Airspace Systems

Our National Airspace System

There are roughly 40,000 commercial domestic flights per day providing services to over 2,000,000 passengers.

picture of planes lined up for landing

Decent and Approach

How do Air Traffic Controllers manage the flights landing in an airport from different directions?

grid over map of US to demonstrate air routes


Let's take a look at what takes place during your flight while most of you are napping.

Artists rendition of a taxiway


How do pilot navigate to follow their assigned taxiways?

Photo of Bob Jacobson  Director, Airspace Systems Program

Airspace Systems (AS)

Explanation of the programs purpose and goals by Program Manager Robert Jacobsen.

Photo of students & adults listening to a presentation Why NASA?

Learn the reasons for NASA’s involvement in air traffic management.

Visit the Airspace Systems Program Website

See more videos about AS Programs


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