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 Air Transportation Problem

Final Design
Austin High School -- Team 2

Problems and Solutions To Air Traffic Controllers
Joshua and Miguel

Power Point presentation

See Preliminary Design

II. Final Responses Team 2 May 4, 2005

Half-Full Planes

  • One solution is that you can fill up the planes so the need for airplanes will be limited. If it is tested and isn’t safe get smaller planes for the over a certain pound person. There is no need for so much weight on airplanes.


  • You could build bigger towers. The bigger the towers, maybe about a limited number of planes can talk to a certain controller.
  • We need just about as many satellites as air planes to make communication easier. The more air traffic controllers the safer communication and travel is.


  • You can have strong lasers so see everything in the whole runway. You can have something that breaks the molecules of the clouds so you can have 3D dimensional of the air plane in seconds. The planes have to have rapid reflexes so when they see in 3D they can tell them real fast to go in a direction to avoid crashing. They should have an alternate route to go if someone needs to take off when you need to land. You can use something like a sonar signal. Something like night vision to see in bad weather and harsh conditions.

If you put sugar in extremely hot temperatures it will produce hydrogen power. You can try to develop a new motor for a new kind of airplane. One day a airplane can run on hydrogen power instead of expensive fuel. It will take less work and it can be produced so you will save money.

Traffic Jams
You can reroute some of the areas. You could ask passenger to come in earlier to avoid traffic jams. You can also make the runway bigger so that a lot of planes could fit on but not take off at the same time. You can change schedule to make travel more faster and safer.

More Safely and Quickly

  • On my list is fuel. You can develop a new kind of fuel that can be produced instead of mines off fossil fuels and such. The fuel could have fast reflexes to avoid damage or any collision of any type. It could also move a little bit faster just to make travel quicklier so there is more time for other flight schedules.

Our Thoughts

  • You can make engines smaller and efficient for less accidents. You can fit more people on the plane cause of smaller weight of the engine. You can also make planes more aerodynamic to get to places quicker. We think getting a real big plane so there is little need for smaller airplanes. You can fit a lot of people on it so less planes are needed and you can probably save some money. They will cost a lot of money to build but there is no need for a lot of them because they are bigger and efficient.


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