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 Air Transportation Problem

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Air Transportation Problem

Mercedes ,Marquetta, Miguel,Victor

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What Cause’s flight delays?

  • One of the reason that there are so many flight delays at the airport is that there are too many people trying to flyl.
  • Some time it is because of the weather, and in some cases planes cannot fly causing delays.
  • To much traffic at the airport’s.

What does the Air traffic controller do?

  • They help planes fly safely through the sky.
  • They help by telling the pilots where to go.
  • They tell the pilots if there is any trouble ahead.
  • They watch the radar for weather updates.

How many airplanes are used in the U.S.?

  • 90% of the airplanes are flown through the 64 major airports in the U.S.
  • 5,300,036 people use airplanes in the U.S. airports everyday.
  • Half of the airports in the U.S are used everyday.


We think that in order for the airports not to have flight delays; we need to get more airplanes or have more airplanes with more room. So in order to not have as many airplanes in the air at one time; there needs to be at least one day out of the week they do not fly planes.

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