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 Air Transportation Problem

Final Design

Air Traffic 2

By: Marie, Johnathan, Ashley, and Barbara


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The solution is to have a minimum of airports in a state; this would allow airlines to control departures and destinations. It also allows control of the distance from the airport of one city to the next. We have also hired a better metoerologist to determine the weather causing fewer delays. In addition we’ve put a better device in the atmosphere to give sooner warning of storms and weather disturbances.

  • Airports in major cities would decrease air traffic.
  • Building bigger airplanes will allow more people to get to their destinations and fewer airplanes will fly in the air. Our computer software personnel will give good advice to our employees on the best models.
  • There should be busses to pick up airport travelers, so it decreases ground traffic.
  • People should not loiter around the airport terminal so that it’ll be easier for travelers to get to their destination on time so the plane can hurry and get on the runway to leave and land as quickly as possible.
  • Flyers should know where they want to put their pets before they get to the airport. Instead of wasting time and keeping a line of people decide what you want to do with your animal


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