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 Air Transportation Problem
Final Design

Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School
Grade 5 Student Team: Reno, Raquel, Alex
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Myra Sussman

DART PLANE  -- Long Haul

How Our Plane Works:

            There shouldn’t be any problem with our aircraft, the Dart Plane. We shall describe our plane as detailed as we can. The challenge for the long haul aircraft was to design a plane that did not need a runway.

The Lift 2 actually is able to lift our massive plane into the air without a runway. The Lift 3 gives a boost of acceleration so that you won’t have to use much energy from the engines. Another thing is that the two Engines 1 will be partly powered by solar panels on the wings, giving it maximum turbo. The solar panels will supplement the aircraft’s entire electrical system.

An Air Filter system will be attached around the Engines 1. The air filters will throw out clean air and keep the polluted air in the filter. Also, the filter would help to silence the sound of the engines, so the people won’t get scared and wake up in the middle of the night.

The Engine 3 is for extra power and emergency situations. The Wing is for gliding and some maneuverability.

The Dart Plane would approximately 320 passengers, including the flight attendants and pilots. Our final design includes the new features and detailing. The total cost for building the Dart Plane, after adding on the extra wing, air filters and solar panels is $ 54,908,000.


student drawing of the dart airplane

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