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 Air Transportation Problem

Response to:
Patrick J. Kennedy Elementary School

Katharine Lee
Assistant Branch Chief,
Terminal Area
Air Traffic Management Research Branch
Ames Research Center

Patrick J. Kennedy Team:

Can you please describe how your long-haul aircraft would work (what each part does)?

Richard Mogford
Manager, Human Measures and Performance Project
Ames Research Center

Thanks for putting together your suggestion! It looks like you are designing a new kind of aircraft that might be bigger, faster, and hold more passengers than our current aircraft. You might like to see this web site that shows a picture of the new Airbus A-380. Airbus now has a four-engine, two-deck airplane that is bigger than anything else around! Looks like great minds think alike!

You could also try doing a web search for "Airbus 380."

Can you send us more details on your design and what it would do? You may have some improvements you could discuss (e.g., for the next Airbus or Boeing airplane) . Does your airplane run on fossil fuels or some new energy source?


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