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HiRISE Image Targeting Challenge
Background References

First, you will need to make your target image suggestion.  You will need to do a few things to prepare for this:

  1. First, check out the HiRISE webpage:  There are tons of great things in here.  You can look at images, learn more about the camera and the mission, and even play some games.  Be sure to go the “HiBlog” which has a lot of the behind-the-scenes information about daily operations.  We’ll also post some updates about the challenge there periodically.  You also will want to go to “Outreach” which has material to download, and links to the “HiRISE Learning and Activities Center” with more class material, games, tutorials and more.  Also, the HiRISE Quest Challenge images from the last challenge will be released with captions on the website so you can see what other students have done.
  2. Next you want to think of a region of interest on Mars or a question you want to answer about Mars.  You can search on the HiRISE website or elsewhere on the web to find out what we already know, and what more we need to know. 
  3. Once you have a general region picked out, you will want to go on to HiWeb to look at the areas in more detail and put in your image suggestion.  Remember, we won’t be able to take every image (there are lots of other instruments to coordinate with, seasonal constraints and orbital constraints), but you need to get your suggestion to us by April 5th, 2010.  Use this quick tutorial to get you started using HiWeb:

Suggestions are due in HiWeb by April 5th, 2010, but the sooner you get them in, the better your chances of getting an image. 

The images will be planned and imaged over the first week of May.  They will then be processed and posted May 2010.

All final reports and figure captions are due TBA


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