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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
K.K.Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research

labeled drawing of launching device

graphic representation of launching device

As shown in above figure, we are making a gun, which having parts metalic cylinder (one side open), net, flat circular plate, spring handle, wedge, hinge support for cylinder.

As work of this canon is in progress, I have not done any experiments uptill now. In final design I will include all necessary things.

Short Discription:-

1. Metallic cylinder= it will work as case of canon, which will support support net, cylindrical plate, spring, etc.

2. Net= I have decided to identify proper angle of canon using lone tennis ball. This ball will be support at canon nose by using "net".

3. Spring, Circular Plate with Handle= Circular plate is kept at the top of spring. Using handle attached to circular plate, we can compress the spring & trigger will locked the plate at that position. After pressing trigger we can release the ball, which will perform projectile motion and strike on floor, where samples of soil is placed.

Expert response by Jennifer Heldmann:
This is a rather advanced design.  Always use proper safety precautions when building and operating the canon-design cylinder.  What are your plans for measuring the amount of ejecta that is created from your impacts?  Do you plan to vary the types of soil  samples that you will impact?  Also, how will you measure the angles of impact of the ball with the soil?



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