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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
Mr. Campbell's Class
Community School for the Gifted


Our device is called Lunar Crossbow Device (LCD). LCD is a crossbow that will provide the same force for
releasing the projectile every time. The LCD will be mounted on a protractor to provide the necessary angle
measurements. It will launch a scale model of the LCROSS impactor that will be made of modeling clay so
that it will collapse when it is impacting into our scale “Moon”.

Expert response from Jennifer Heldmann:
Great design!  Excellent idea to use the lunar crossbow so that each experimental run has the same force on the projectile.  Also good use of the protractor to measure your angle each time.  Clever use of the modeling clay to make models of LCROSS as well!  How will you measure the amount of ejecta that is created during each impact, and what materials will you impact into?


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