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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
Mrs. Hartum's Class
Conestoga Middle School

The Catapult
The Catapult is made out of wooden chopsticks, plastic
spoon, and a rubber band. The Catapult is the launcher and the #7 rubber stopper is the projectile. The projectile is launched by pulling the plastic spoon backward at same time as you put the stopper on plastic spoon. The reaction of rubber band shoots the stopper as the plastic spoon follows through.


student drawing of the catapult

Expert response from Jennifer Heldmann:
Great design!  Good job with including a list of all the necessary equipment for your experiment.  Using the catapult is a good idea for your design.  For the next part of your design, think about how you can measure the angle at which your projectile impacts, and also how will you measure the amount of ejecta created from your craters?

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