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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
Mrs. Oldfield's Class -- Beallsville High School
Nicole, Stew, and Franklin

student chalk drawing on blackboard of Ice Blaster I

We will use a compressor to fill the reserve tank with an air hose.  A gauge will be used to measure the pressure and then measure the speed at what the golf ball will be traveling.

Once psi is gauged, the release valve will be used to release the pressure.

The air will go into approximately 3 feet of one and a quarter pvc pipe rated at 100 psi.  We will have 2 or 3 metal one and a quarter metal adapters (double male).  There will also be an air inlet valve custom installed in the pvc pipe.  Also have some kind of tripod or arching device where you are able to adjust the angles of pipe to 15, 45, and 70 degrees.  The projectile used to impact the “moon box” will be a golf ball.

Expert Response from Jennifer Heldmann:
Great design!  Be sure to remember "safety first" and always be safe when using equipment such as compressors.  Nice design to change your angles from 15, 45, and 70 degrees.  To further refine your experiment, what type of material will be in your "moon box"?  Also, how will you measure the amount of crater ejecta that gets lofted up above the "moon" surface?

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