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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
Mrs. Oldfield's Class -- Beallsville High School
Amanda, Brandy, and Nate


Student pencil drawing of launching device

Using a slingshot, we will mount it on a tripod.  The tripod will allow the angles to be changed between 15,45, and 70 degrees.  The slingshot will be pulled back to a determined distance each time and released.  The projectile used to impact the "moon surface" box will be either a golf ball or a tennis ball, depending on how large our scale model will be.

Expert Response from Jennifer Heldmann:
Very unique idea.  Looks like you have a good start on your experiment design.  Now you can work on the details.  For example, how far away from the moon surface box will you have the tripod?  How  will you measure the amount of crater ejecta?  Also with your  slingshot, what equipment will you use to measure the angle at which you are slinging the ball?


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