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Cratering the Moon Challenge
Preliminary Design by:
Ms. Schuster's Class
Sells Middle School

This impactor will go into the soil with the cone first. The cone goes deep into the soil to uncover deep down ice or water particles. The sphere creates the maximum ejecta. The cone/sphere shape will have little air resistance because of the Bernouli effect. The sphere/cone impactor had the best results of all of the impactors I tested:

picture of impactor cone

student description and picture of sphere impactor

Expert response from Jennifer Heldmann:
Very interesting design with the cone-shaped impactor!  How have you been testing the impactors (how do you release the impactors and what kind of material do you drop them into)?  Also how will you measure the angle at which they hit the ground and the amount of ejecta?  Smart idea to use the cone to go deep into the subsurface to try and uncover any ice or water particles that are down there.

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