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mosaic image of Antarctica

LIMA Challenge
Fall 2008 NASA Quest Challenge!

Preliminary Proposal
Submitted by:
Max, Matthew, Andrew, Matt
Crompond Elementary School
Yorktown Heights, NY
Teacher: Anna Fazio

Middle section of Taylor Glacier with nunatuk
(77.8 degrees South, 161 degrees East)

For our research about Antarctic mysteries we decided to research the middle section of Taylor Glacier with nunatuk. We picked
this glacier because it would be interesting to find out why the ice made the 300 degree turn and left one part of the rock uncovered It
would also be good to find out why some of the ice takes a longer path than other parts of the ice. We have noticed that it says "Middle section of Taylor Glacier.'' Does that mean that there might be another part of the glacier?

We think that the geologic process that is occurring to create this ice feature is that there is tectonic plate movement. We should
research this because it would be interesting to discover what causes the ice to swirl or move. Does the ice move in certain direction because of the land underneath or the shape of the rock it covers?

The region our ice feature is the Queen Maud Land region. We think we should research this feature because it looks like it could
have once been a river. Does this region have any other glaciers that look like this?

Our team should be funded to further investigate this ice feature because we might be able to see if it is possible for the snow
to move in the inverse direction. We should also be funded to research this ice feature because it may be possible that the nunatuk may get covered with snow and ice. Maybe we will find out if there is some way that this movement of this ice can stop.

If we do get further funded, we will try to figure out the real geological process that is occurring to create this ice feature. We
will also find out about the ice movements that can create this type of ice feature. If we come to understand about these natural phenomena, many answers to questions researched would be answered.

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