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mosaic image of Antarctica

LIMA Challenge
Fall 2008 NASA Quest Challenge!

Proposal from:
4th, 5th Grade Science
School: West Hialeah Gardens Elementary
Teacher: Ms. Lindo

Proposal 2# Mesa Mountain

 The Mesa Mountain is a region in Antarctica that remains snow and ice free.

image of proposed site

It is located 77.40 south, 1610 east, in the continent of Antarctica.
We chose the Mesa Mountain because it is a very interesting feature in Antarctica. The top of the mountain is shaped in a unique way, its top is flat, and it looks like the top was chopped off. The mountain top looks like if it takes up a lot of space. The last reason is because it is the only continental region that remains snow and ice free.
We hypothesize that our Antarctic feature is formed when the earth’s surface begins to cool and harden.  We also think that it is formed when violent changes in the surface of the Earth happen.  We also think our mountain could be formed when the Earth’s tectonic plates shift.
We should be funded to study this region because we should learn how it was formed. It can help us learn more about Antarctica and its geological features.



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