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LIMA Quest

Welcome to the First LIMA Quest Challenge!
Become a scientist and propose Antarctic Research

 photo mosaic of Antarctica

The Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA) is the first-ever true-color high-resolution satellite view of the Antarctic continent enabling everyone to see Antarctica as it appears in real life. This new view of Antarctica will revolutionize Antarctica research. The LIMA web site is designed as part of the International Polar Year to familiarize people with Antarctica, to explore the richness of its features, to learn about why Antarctica matters to us all, and to explain and demonstrate how scientists use satellite imagery to study the continent.

During this challenge, you will become the scientists who study the features on Antarctica, as never seen before, and using a major scientific tool: curiosity, you will develop a research question and argue the value of studying a feature based on this new view of Antarctica.

See the growing background sources of information to help with your research and meet the people at LIMA at our growing list of online bios. Educators' Guide available online.

Calendar of Events

March 2008 Registration begins!

After you have registered for the LIMA Quest Challenge you will receive an email giving you information on how to access the pre-challenge survey for your students. This pre-survey and a post-survey help us to evaluate the impact of our challenges. We will also be requesting teacher evaluations at the end of the challenge.
April 2008

• Challenge begins!
Educators' Guide available online. For those who downloaded the version without reference to Standards, those pages are also available as stand-alone pdf document.
NOTE:  Please remember to have their students take the pre-survey before you introduce this material.  Tell them that we will collect pre- and post-data and need to measure student learning.

April 23
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Meet your LIMA Experts by reading their bios online and then join us for a live chat. Ted Scambos and Robert Bindschadler offered to chat with you and answered many questions. Read the archive of the web chat with LIMA experts.

May 11

Proposal submissions due ~ May 11. See How to Send Materials for the Website.

Here are the Proposals received by May 12. More will follow as deadline was changed.

Watch this live webcast featuring expert comments on student/scientist proposals. The archive is now available.

Mid-May to end of scholastic year 2008:

Closing surveys
 • Post-Challenge Student Survey
(please use the same ID as in the Pre-Challenge survey)
 • Teacher Reaction Survey

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