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mosaic image of Antarctica

LIMA Challenge
Spring 2008 NASA Quest Challenge!

Mrs. Davis Science Class
Shamrock Middle School in Decatur, Georgia


 photo of students' chosen site

We choose The Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf because it is extremely interesting and scientific.
The Larsen ice shelf has had many different parts. Over the years this ice shelf has had 4 parts a, b, c, d. The 2 parts A, B, began to wear away which leaves us now with sections C and D. Here is a picture of the ice shelf when it was together

We hypothesize that the Larson ice shelf was made from breaking off of a large glacier. We believe it was snow formed. We concurred this because many ice shelves form this way. Our hypothesis was supported because we found the ice shelf broke off of the Green-Evans glacier system.

map of antarctica showing the disintegration of the Larsen ice shelfThe longitude and latitude of the Larsen ice shelf is 60.87E by 65.33S. Where these lines are affects the climate of this area. The Larsen ice shelf is in a Polar region therefore making its climate very cold and with little precipitation. There are high winds in that region. Also the Larsen ice shelf is in the southern most part of the world making it extremely cold and barren. The polar region, because it is so far south, gets a lot of sunlight. In conclusion, the location of Antarctica reflects on its regions characteristics.

We believe that we should be better funded for many reasons. One reason is that young people should be introduced to better science before they make their career choice. If students know how cool science is, it will be more likely that they will incorporate science into their lives. Also a reason is that kids should learn to love science. If they love it, they will tell their friends and family about it. That is why kids should be funded in science.

We hope you accept our submission and choose our school to fund. Thanks again.

Mrs. Davis Science Class
Shamrock Middle School, Decatur, Georgia

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