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mosaic image of Antarctica

LIMA Challenge
Spring 2008 NASA Quest Challenge!

Proposal from
Ms. Murphy's class
Alexandria Senior High

map of antarctica indicating location of site

There are two islands, Black Island and White Island, that are separated by
White Strait, but the water in between them has frozen causing an ice bridge between the islands as far as I can tell.  I would like to use satellite imagery to record the strait and see if the ice bridge is melting.  Then determine how much each day that it melts and use this information to determine how long it would take until the islands split completely.  We could use this information to predict other splitting if global warming affects other areas of Antarctica.  The coordinates of this strait is 78 degrees S, 166 degrees E

The picture of this site can be found at:

image of student chosen site
Further details can be found at:

See .pdf USGS map of area

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