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Final Design
Clothing: Stylish Space Suit & Gloves

Floris School
Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade
By: Omar A., David A., Blair D., Rachel H., Josh S.

    student drawing of space suit       

Our suit is a stylish and safe. We have a control panel on the sleeve. We have a control panel on the sleeve. We also have holes with mesh, so you don’t get to hot. Though you can’t get any dangerous fumes on your skin.

            The space suit has many helpful things on it. It has a jet pack, A.C., flash light, head-set, microphone, air holes, communication device, scanner gloves to detect rocks, plants for oxygen.

            The Helmet has built-on sunglasses and a solar panel for power. The pants hold the pockets. The boots adjust your foot size and hold the mini jetpack.





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