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Final Design

Floris School -- Astro Home 6
Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade
By Ben K and Chris S

student drawing of Astrohome

Our group is making a habitat for astronauts when they get to Mars. Our habitat has 7 rooms including a kitchen, garden, freezer, and lab. The astronauts have to be able to breathe so there is a garden with plants that make oxygen. The plants we are going to grow are corn, beans, grass, carrots and small trees. For water they will bring 2,500 gallons of water and try to discover more. They will bring meat and freeze and salt it to keep it from going bad. 6 astronauts can survive in this habitat for at least 2 years. If they discover water they can live in the habitat for 5 years at least. For power they can use solar power to make electricity. We have thought of almost everything so it’s ready for use.



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