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Final Design
The Oxy System

By Jacqueline, Elana, and Marie
Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade

student drawings of parts of clothing



Our piece of clothing that we designed had many little gadgets. The oxygen is not on the back of the person but inside the outfit. The oxygen comes when you step.

Every time you walk and put your foot down, oxygen is pushed up from the boot. Then oxygen runs up a tube and is cleaned in a glove, then released in another tube. That tube is directly sent to the helmet to be released.

Then the oxygen circulates the person to let them breath. If there is an emergency then a small tank inside the helmet lets out enough air to let the person breath. But there is rarely ever an emergency so this piece of clothing is really safe!

When a person is sleeping the machine automatically knows to release oxygen. Where does the oxygen come from? Well there is still a tank full of oxygen on your back but the tank is much smaller, about the size of a foot long hot dog and the width of a making a football goal with your hands. So this item puts less weight on you.




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