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Final Design
The Rover

Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade
Brandon, Jayrd, Elise, Sreya, Carlyle

student drawing

Our transportations system includes solar panels, satellite, and antennas. The land rover is supposed to help the astronauts find new discoveries on Mars by… it does not waste energy because the whole system is solar powered. The Helping Rover also helps find new rocks and minerals because it has a floor made of magnification which holds up to 300 lbs. The tread wheels will help maneuver the transportation system over the rocky area over Mars. There is a drill located behind the rover that helps dig in the ground and find more mineral and nutrients. Then it also has a water sensor that detects within 7 miles. It also detects any type of water underground which the drill helps most on. There is also a claw that picks up rocks and such that are provided safety for the journey home. This rover will surely help the astronauts explore Mars in the future.



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