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Final Design
ST.V.P.M.P (Transportation Vehicle on Planet Mars Project)

Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade
By: Ryan, Stephen, and Spencer

student drawing of vehicle


  • Dome shaped with a capacity for 2.
  • Retractable spider legs
  •  Retractable drill and shovel.
  •  6 ½ foot dome.
  • Sealable hatch
  •  The whole thing is 7 feet
  • Has auto pilot
  • Water and food storage
  • AC (Air Conditioning)
  • Nightly heating system
  • Rockets to go to Mars
  • Computer for Auto Pilot and other controls
  • Tank wheels

The T.V.P.M.P. (Transportation Vehicle on Planet Mars Project)

This vehicle is a state of the art prototype that can give its riders 20 hours of oxygen, food and water. It can drill and save 35 pounds of minerals or rocks. It can also go over even the toughest environment. It provides comfort to all passengers (2 max.) and still provides state of the art abilities. Auto pilot is available and so is manual. Auto pilot can be applied easily. It has retractable spider legs, rockets, and tank wheels to move on all terrain. 

            As you know Mars can get very hot in the day and very cold at night.  That is why we have installed A.C. unit and a heating system. Also a sealable hatch to keep debris out and the temperature in.

    The T.V.P.M.P. gets energy by burning the minerals it gets by drilling.





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