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Final Design

Mrs. Allnutt’s Virginia Sixth Grade  
By Kevin H, Matt S, Danny W, Ankit G, Donna L

   student drawing   

The Zenon is a rover that helps gather minerals form Mars.  With its plow it moves rocks and any other thing that’s in its way.  It has a drill that goes way down.  Then its claw grabs all the stuff down there.  The claw has a moveable arm to reach long lengths.  It has an antenna which lets us see what’s happening and pick up radio transmissions from space. It has an anemometer, thermometer, phschrometer, and barometer for detecting weather settings.  It has durable tracks for moving over any terrain.   It has cameras to watch what happened after it was over.  It also has solar panels, to power it up.  It has wind protectors to protect dust from getting in the solar panels.   

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