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Final Design

By Chaise
Ms. Jamison's Class

student drawing of space suit

The following is Chaise's final design narrative (Clothing):

After much research I have made a decision on my Mars space suit.
A sun visor that is located on the helmet will allow you to observe extreme bright sunlight without burning the corneas of the eyes. Also, located on either side of the helmet there are two ultra low temperature high wattage lights that are on at all times. Located on the top front of the helmet is a NIKON Dolby Digital camera with night vision capabilities. Located on the arms and legs are multiple cryo tanks that constantly keep the temperature inside the suit to optimum conditions.

The heater for the suit is a compact light weight radiator located inside of the back of the suit surrounded by aero gel insulation material except for the vent on top to keep radiator from burning person or catching fire. In the event of fire, there is a cryo tank located on the top of insulation surrounding radiator for immediate cooling.

The power source for the space suit is called (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) or RTG. This power source is usually used to power very small compact space craft navigation systems. The power source is located between the two oxygen tanks located on the back of the suit.

The footwear on the space suit are electromagnetic boots. These boots are run from power from the RTG, and to control the electrical current to the boots is located on the left wrist and is shaped just like a watch but the dial controls the flow of electricity to and from the boots. In the event of a wind storm simply turn the dial and the electric current increases and in turn makes the boots magnetic and stick to the iron in the soil.

The insulation for the suit is called aero gel and is located in the lining of the suit and is designed to keep the cold or heat in and or out.

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