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Final Design

By Garrett
Ms. Jamison's Class


The Mars Dome is a large, sophisticated object that could easily be our future habitat. For starters, it is very large and could fit up to around 5,000 people. It is very amazing. On the top level, there are plants and trees, as well as animal species. By growing vegetables and breeding and eating animals, we can get our food. In the middle layers, there are sgtores, homes, doctors, etc. And on the final level, there are small oceans and rivers, as ell as sea creatures and other water animals. Plus, there are also small port-doors at the bottom which lets you travel from dome to dome, since there will be thousands of other domes on Mars. There are even solar panels on the upper levels. From the maintenance room, they can charge up the power supply as well as filter out and sanitize water. But all around, the Mars Dome is a very helpful object!

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