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Final Design
Living on Mars
By: Mrs. Laird's Class


student drawing of habitat

Narrative Description

Our idea for a habitat on Mars is to live in a double layered stainless steel dome built in a crater.  There would be water running through the stainless steel to give us extra protection from UV light. Building the habitat in a crater would be easier than drilling into the ground, since Mars’s ground is as hard as rock.  The dome would be covered in regolith to protect us from ultra violet light. 

We would have windmills outside, above the regolith, to give us electricity since Mars has strong winds.  We would also have solar panels to give us additional energy.  They would be retractable to protect them from dust storms and meteors. Also, periscopes would be added to reflect light during the day from the outside to the inside, using mirrors, so we could save our electricity for when we really need it.  Batteries would be used to store energy for days when it is not windy or when the sun isn’t out.

We would get water by melting ice on the polar ice cap and moving it through a heated tube to the habitat.  The tube is heated so the water will not refreeze. Once the water is in the habitat it will be purified so it is drinkable.

Within the habitat, there is a pool of algae with bamboo around it.  The algae and plants would provide us with oxygen.  We have bamboo because it spreads fast.

The dome would be pressurized because there is less air pressure on Mars. It would have a big heater because Mars is very far away from the sun and it is very cold.


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