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Final Design
Clothing for Mars
Ms. Mueller's 4th Grade Class
By: Corinne, Cooper, Jacob, and Samantha
Pictures to come

         We have designed an outfit that you could wear on Mars.  The outfit is made out of spandex.  Spandex is what wet suits are made of so it keeps you warm.  It is also very flexible and the sun’s U.V. can’t go through spandex.

 Inside the outfit there is a water tank that you will fill up at home.  The water in the water tank gets zapped with electricity, which makes oxygen.  The oxygen from the water goes through a tube and into your space helmet so you can breathe.  The carbon dioxide that you breathe out goes into a different tube and out through a one-way swinging valve.

There is also a space helmet.  Inside the helmet there are headphones and a microphone to communicate.  There are rover shoes to help you move on a smooth surface.  The rover shoes clip onto the pants of your outfit.  There are spike shoes that fold out of the rover shoes to help you move on a rougher surface. 

We also made gloves to keep your hands warm.  The gloves zip onto the main outfit.  On the sleeves of the outfit there are flashlights for all times just incase you might need one. On the back of the outfit there is a zipper attached to a string so it is easier to zip and unzip the outfit.

 Inside the outfit there is a mini heater and AC to keep your body the right temperature.  The heater is close to the bottom of the outfit because heat goes up.  You will need a heater because the temperature on Mars gets as low as –225 degrees Fahrenheit.  The AC is close to the top of the outfit because cold air goes down.  You will need an AC because it can be 81 degrees Fahrenheit on Mars and you don’t want to get to hot!


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