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Preliminary Design
By: Kyle and Chad

student drawing of habitat

Our structure is an underground structure to protect  from harmful sunrays and sand storms.

student drawing of rocketThere is a giant water tank that provides the astronauts with water on the left side of our house.  Underneath the water tank are three tubes. One tube leads to the green house to water the plants.  The second tube leads to the bathroom that attaches to the sink so the people can wash their hands.  The third tube leads to the water tank on the rocket.  That’s where they get their water.

The rocket will be parked inside a garage-like structure.  In the rocket there will need to be an extra water tank that attaches to a tube to the bigger water tank.  Also there will need to be an oxygen supply that attaches to the house by a tube.  There is also a food supply that supplies the astronauts with food to eat and vegetable seeds to plant in the greenhouse. 

         There is a special type of greenhouse that provides the astronauts with vegetables.  The vegetables are from Earth brought by the rocket.  There is a type of hose that waters the plants every day.

         There is a leaf blower next to the door to get the sand off in case a sand storm comes.  An igloo shaped structure protects the leaf blower.  All that has to be done is to pull the rope inside the house to start the leaf blower.


          student drawing of habitat detail



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