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Final Design

Mr. Pack's Class

student drawing of vehicle

            The means of transportation that we have come up with for travel on Mars is the MATTV (Mars All-Terrain Transport Vehicle.)  As you can see, we have contemplated all the supplies needed and various features for the rough terrain of Mars such as treads and durable wheels.  This vehicle will be suited for three or more people to work in shifts since the travel on Mars will be long-term.  There will be two people operating the MATTV at a given time in the un-pressurized cockpit.  There will also be one person operating a communications device in the rear pressurized cabin.  The emergency supplies will be located in the upper section of the cockpit and will contain spare oxygen, medical supplies, emergency radio, etc.  In the rear cabin of the MATTV, there will be food and other miscellaneous supplies such as spare parts, space suits (to be worn in the un-pressurized cockpit), tools, and other necessary supplies.  Also in the rear cabin of the MATTV, there will be a fuel tank located in the upper section.



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