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Final Design
Turbo-hydrodriller for Mars
Kim Parfitt's 8th grade class
Johnson Junior High School
By: Ashley and Skyla

student model of drill


We designed the Turbo-hydrodriller to find liquid water under the surface of Mars. It is like a rover but different and we named it Patriot. We wanted to take advantage of the high winds on Mars and dig below the surface to see if there is liquid water. The solar panels power it during the day but at night it uses a wind turbine to generate energy for the drilling but also for moving around. The Patriot uses tools like infrared scopes and spectroscopes to find water signatures on the surface. Then it uses drills to drill into the surface to find liquid water. The front leg tools also help change the drills so different sizes can be used and samples can be collected and stored in the body of the Patriot.

We have a minirover on the bottom that is designed to climb down canyons or go places the Patriot can not go. It is caled the Roller Buggy. A cord comes out of the bottom of the Patriot and the energy from the Wind turbine powers the minirover. Both rovers have cameras, scopes, and drills. They are designed to travel one mile per day

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