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Final Design
The Three-Legged Spider
Kim Parfitt's 7th grade class
Johnson Junior High School
By: Nathan
student model of habitat

This spacecraft will land on Mars and act as a station for the astronauts. The cockpit is made of two bowls, one turned upside down on top of the other. There is a balloon on a string about 6-8 inches long on top of the cockpit to act as a parachute to slow down the speed of the drop-off carrier. There are three legs made of straws with pipecleaners inside the straws. The legs come out of the top of the cockpit and then bend and go down to the bottom of the cockpit. Then, there is a fork attached to the bottom of each straw with tape. The straws and tape act as shock absorbers to take the blow of the landing. There are clips attached to the bottom of each fork that will balance the spider and bring out air bags so it will bounce around and take the impact.
The legs can walk to any destination. The bottom half of the cockpit can lower to the surface so the astronauts can get out of the cockpit and walk around and can also lower equipment for the astronauts to use.


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