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Final Design
Mobile Mars visual assistant

Ms. Wright's Class
By: Courtney, Greg, and Elizabeth

student drawing


To get started we will need the following items: Tires that are reliable on Mars, a solar panel or a

Rechargeable battery, a tin box for the base, a disposable camera (or 2) that can bring back plenty

Of pictures, legs to connect the wheels to the base, a motor and wires. ~ We would connect

the legs to the base and the wheels. Then we would connect all the wires. Next we would attach the

solar panel, battery and motor. We would also make a holder for the camera (so it wouldn’t

fall off.) Finally we would attach the claws and make a box so the claws can collect things to bring

back to earth.

Extra Information

One thing we would need for sure is spikes on the wheels, because of all the dust one Mars.

The claws would be connected to a box/tube so that it could pick up things and put it through

the tube and into the box. 


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