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Final Design

By: Adam, Brett, Grace, Matt, Ragan and Cody
Ms. Wright’s Class

student drawing

The stand

Take the three pipes for the stand of the tripod and securely screw them to an 8” by 8” square metal sheet.

Stand the tripod upright and mark center of the 8” by 8” metal sheet. Drill a small hole on the mark.

Get a 12” by 9” metal sheet and draw a circle in the very center about the size of a disk. Cut out the circle. Drill the same size hole in the center that you did on the8” by 8” sheet. Take the circle and line up the holes on it, and the 8” by 8”.

Once that is done the small direct current motor needs to be put through the two holes from the bottom and should be taped on. The sheet that the circle was cut out of should now be set back on and made sure that it is level with the circle. It now needs to be screwed down to the 8” by 8”. Tape a nine volt battery to one of the tripod legs.

To make the glass box

To make the glass box you will need five pieces of glass. Three of them should be 12 inches long and nine inches high. The other two should nine inches high and nine inches long. To start, put the 12” long by 9” high together at the edges and hot glue them together. Do the same with the other two pieces. Put all of the glass together to make the box. The 9” by 9” squares should be parallel to each other.

     To put on the top set the last glass panel on a flat surface and glue along the edge of it. Slide the other glass box over it and wait for it to dry.

To make the base

To make the base a 2 foot by 2 ½ foot board is needed. Also 4 big tred wheels, 4 nine volt transistor batteries, 4 direct current motors and 16 screws. Take the board and set it on a level surface. Screw a wheel on each of the four corners. Make sure that they are screwed down well enough before you flip it over. Put a motor through all of the wheels. Set a battery on each of the four corners of the board and use electrical tape to keep them in place. Get some wire to tape on from the battery to the motor. Do this for all the other ones as well.

Put it all together

Get the stand that was made to hold the camera. Take a digital camera and set it on the circle that was cut out earlier. Then take the glass box and set it over the camera then secure it to the metal by gluing it. Take a compass and a thermometer and stick them to the outside of the glass. Set all of the things that were made on the base and secure them to the cart with screws. 

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