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Final Design
Transportation to Mars with a Rover

by Lisa, Alex, Seth, Rebecca, Autumn
Mrs. Zarybnisky’s Class

Transportation to Mars with a Rover

            We need these things for transportation to Mars.  We need oxygen on Mars.  We also need a claw and a camera, computers with high tech stuff.  A rover and a spaceship is needed as well.  Long lasting batteries, manual or computerized are needed.  We need chair air conditioning and a heater.  The ship has to be made out of plastic on the inside and on the outside.  Storage for food and other supplies is needed.  Weatherproof material is important.  We will need solar panels. Emergency launch shuttles are needed in case something breaks.  Emergency space suits back up rover emergency repair kit.


drawing of space ship

            My group’s space ship looks like a silverfish blue.  Also a point is that it’s small.  It is heated and air conditioned by a lie-on battery. There is a door that blocks the dust from coming in.  After you walk into the door there is a room where all the people are located.  When you want to go to the rover, you have to seal the door so that the dust doesn’t get in the room. 

            It is made of aluminum.  The inside is plastic.  These materials are used for blocking radiation.  It has two storage areas for supplies.  A bottom storage is for the Rover/Mars Buggie.

strudent drawing of spaceship


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