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Preliminary Design
Habitat Energy Design

Ms. German ’s Class

Preliminary design Subject-. Habitat Energy
Human life demands energy for survival, especially in a hostile enviornment like Mars . Electricity appears to be the most efficient and responsible choice for providing energy on Mars.

An array of solar panels converts the sun light reaching Mars into electricity, which is stored in large batteries for constant availability. A specially designed scratch-proof plastic "bubble" protects the solar panels from damaging dust storms. There "solar pods" are placed where human activity is high and storms are less frequent.

In places where dust storms are worse, and the land worth less, "storm-wind powered" generators operate. The blades of these fans look like a big propeller from a ship, and spin without damage through any wind speed and debri load yet measured on Mars. All of these systens are vital. Expert teams operate and distribution systems around the clock. The buildings and offices of power supply team are kept as clean as any U.S. labratory. Air locks are stabdared design for building entrances, keeping dust out of computer and control systems.

drawing of energy system



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