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Preliminary Design
Mars Colony

by Jessica, Home School, 6th Grade

The colony consists of five large domes and two mini domes with walkways connecting them. The domes are temperature control from a single room in the mining dome. Water and energy comes from the mining dome and it is located in the center of the five domes. The remaining four large domes are in a square formation around the center mining dome. The two minidomes are in the inside of the square pointing towards the mining dome. There is an underground pipeline coming from the polar ice caps to the mining dome. The walkways are in an X formation coming out from the mining dome and there are additional walkways connecting the outer for domes.

There is a hospital just in case anyone gets sick. It includes a lobby, a checkup room, an emergency room, and a place where you can talk to a specialist. I also added an Animal Hospital including the same things. This is just in case any animals get sick.

The mining dome is where they search for raw materials they can use. It is also where the gravity and climate controls are located. It includes two rovers specialty designed for mining, four storage containers, and filtration and distillation centers so you can separate other materials from water. The water and minerals come from the polar ice caps. The polar ice caps are being drilled, sampled and melted.

Next is the lab dome. I made different parts of the lab dome for different tests. There are five areas in all: Animal experiments, Plant experiments, DNA tests and cloning, X-ray exams, and dirt and soil tests.

I added a nursery dome just in case someone had a baby. This station is designed for 50 to 60 people. Just in case anyone had twins, I added ten extra cribs to the nursery. I added a playroom for them to play in. Go down the hallway and you are in the living quarters, where you will see a kitchen and six groups of ten beds.

The last environment to discuss is the farming dome. This is where all the plant and animal products are produced. The meat products will be on the left side, dairy products in the center, and plant products on the right.

Instead of transporting chickens we are going to bring eggs and incubate them. The chickens will be a source of meat and eggs. In the animal area we are going to use goats to produce milk. Cows produce methane and would be bad for the environment of the biodome. Goats are also lighter and easier to transport.

I will also make a pond and put worms in them to make a more suitable environment for the plants with the worms producing carbon dioxide. The pond will be stocked with fish. You will have to make your own yogurt if you want it fruit flavored.

In the plant area we are going to experiment with how the gravity affects the growth of the various plants. I think less gravity than earth will help the plants grow bigger. That might be true for the plants that grow above ground but it will be interesting to see how this effect the tubers. Our main vegetables are rice, corn, carrots, and beans. Our main dairy products are milk, cheese, and yogurt. Our main fruits are strawberries and bananas. Our main meats are chicken and fish. Special meals will come prepackaged from earth for special celebrations.

The domes will be connected and each dome will have individual air locks. The lab dome will have double air locks just in case a dangerous vapor or gas escapes.

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