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Preliminary Design
Clothing for Mars
By: Samantha, Cooper, Corinne, and Jacob

We have designed a coat for people on Mars. This coat has one layer of plastic and one layer of wool on the inside because sun cannot go through either of these materials. In between the layers there is a mini heater and air conditioner because the warmest it gets on Mars is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest is –225 degrees Fahrenheit. On the coat there are also rockets to help people move faster.

There is a mask on the hood that pumps in oxygen from an air tank. The carbon dioxide that we breathe out goes into another tank that has a one-way valve. The mask clips onto the zipper when zipped. The mask is also to protect from sand storms that occur in the south during the summer. On the coat there is also a hood to protect you from the sun.

This coat was designed to keep people warm and to keep them unharmed from ultraviolet rays and sand storms.


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